Brown Bear Tackle Box Fly Patterns

Please read the patterns carefully before attempting to tie them.

This will help avoid frustration. I have tried to put the pattern down in order of construction and some of these can become complicated and time consuming.

Streamer - Tandem

  Name - Skagit Minnow

  Hook - Front - up eye 2/0 salmon cut off at the bend. Rear hook - up eye 2/0 salmon
  Thread - Black
Connector 30 lb braided line
Rear Hook 2/0-6
Tail Two purple grizzly hackles
Body Purple marabou tied as a collar
Front Hook  
Body Purple & blue marabou tied as a thick collar
Hackle Purple Schlappen
Remember not to skimp on the marabou. it gets thin when it's wet and you want a full body.