Brown Bear Tackle Box Fly Patterns

Please read the patterns carefully before attempting to tie them.

This will help avoid frustration. I have tried to put the pattern down in order of construction and some of these can become complicated and time consuming.


  Name - Alderwood
image here
  Hook - Single Salmon 1 - 8
  Thread - Black
Tag Medium oval gold tinsel
Tail Golden pheasant dyed Crimson
Rear ribbing Fine oval gold tinsel
Rear body Olive green floss
Waist joint Peacock herl
Front Ribbing Large oval gold tinsel
Front body Dubbed brown seal with Olive sparkle dubbing added
Throat Pinch of olive rabbit fur
Wing A pair of pheasant tail sections as under-wing, very sparse light olive bucktail over which is a nice bunch of natural Monga ringtail or similar