Brown Bear Tackle Box Fly Patterns

Please read the patterns carefully before attempting to tie them.

This will help avoid frustration. I have tried to put the pattern down in order of construction and some of these can become complicated and time consuming.


  Name - Poly Shrimp

  Hook - Curved Nymph 8-12
  Thread - Green
Note This is tied on the hook backward. It gets tied in the normal sequence. The tail is at the front of the hook and the eyes are at the back of the hook.
Feelers Green hackle fibers - at the bend of the hook
Back Green polypropylene strip
Eyes Small bead chain
Rib Fine gold wire
Hackle Green palmered over the body
Body Green seal or dubbing
Tail Polypropylene - same as the back

The steps as there isn't a picture for reference.
Tie in the feelers as if it was the tail of a regular fly.
Tie in the poly for the back
Tie in the bead eyes on the body side of the feelers
Tie in the rib
Build the body
Palmer the hackle
Pull the poly up over the back and tie it in at the eye of the hook. Leave it long to form the tail.
Wind the rib from behind the eyes to the eye of the hook and tie it in

The popular colours for this are black, green, grey, orange, pink, tan, and all shades of the olives.