Brown Bear Tackle Box Fly Patterns

Please read the patterns carefully before attempting to tie them.

This will help avoid frustration. I have tried to put the pattern down in order of construction and some of these can become complicated and time consuming.


  Name - Chomper - V1
image here
  Hook - Std wet or curved nymph 10-18
  Thread - Black
Shell back Raffia to match the color of the creature you are trying to match.
Body Ostrich herl of suitable color
This works well lightly weighted. When I was a youngster, we would go out with a crude net made of window screen to catch a form of "fresh water shrimp", (scuds) in the swamps at the west end of Moose Lake on the upper reaches of the Fraser River. They were all of a tan colour. Years later I did the same thing while I was working in the Nass Valley and all I could find were black ones. They worked great when you let them drift out under the ice where a creek came into the lake. This pattern works almost as well.