Brown Bear Tackle Box Fly Patterns

Please read the patterns carefully before attempting to tie them.

This will help avoid frustration. I have tried to put the pattern down in order of construction and some of these can become complicated and time consuming.


  Name - Atherton #6
image here
  Hook - Std dry 12-18
  Thread - Cream
Tail Dark rusty dun hackle fibers
Ribbing Small oval gold tinsel.
Body A mixture of dark muskrat or mole and some red-brown fur such as dyed seal's fur, to get a body of a brownish gray color, rather dark.
Wing This wing can be varied somewhat but my preference (John Atherton) is for Bali duck side feathers. I also use bronze mallard and dark mandarin.
Hackle A natural rusty dun, or one fairly dark natural dun and one red brown hackle mixed together.