Brown Bear Tackle Box

Custom hand-tied flies, supplies, and patterns

I discovered fly fishing long before I was in my teens, living in Red Pass B.C.. It was the last vestige of civilization on the upper reaches of the Fraser river. It was located about 48 miles west of Jasper Alberta, in Mount Robson Provincial Park and about 10 miles east of Mount Robson on the western end of Moose Lake. You may find it on a map, but it likely isn't in the right location. The Train Station actual was located at Lat..: 52°59'13.52"N Long: 119° 0'26.56"W.

In those days we never thought about tying flies because flies were something that came in little packages that appeared on the wall of the general store. The average price then was about $0.10 each. Our main target in those days was Rainbow Trout and Mountain Whitefish. There was the odd Dolly Varden and Lake Trout, and if we were really lucky, a Kokanee or two.

As the years progressed, I moved back out into the west and lived on the Skeena and Nass watersheds and had access to world class fishing for salmon, steelhead, trout and mountain whitefish. I met a few gentlemen who tied their own flies and they initiated me into that hobby. As I became reasonably adept, I started tying for some of the local stores during winter layoffs. I also got involved in building custom rods at the same time.

There are few feelings that match the thrill of catching fish on a rod you created yourself and using hooks that you created as well. There is a special satisfaction in it that not many get to experience.

I have started building and repairing rods again as well as doing reel repairs. I still do tie flies and enjoy the creative process.