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We are pleased to announce a selection of Bigelow and other brands of Tea by the box.

We now carry and can get all the premium Engel coolers and Underwater Kinetics Dry Cases.

Two new sections have been added in the fly patterns. The Cains River and Trolling Flies.

If you see any issues, please let me know.

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We continue to sell Hunting and Fishing licenses.

If you receive a phone call from my store number and the person is asking for any information other than to tell you something is fixed or an order is in, please hang up. We will never call asking for any sort of personal or financial information for any reason.

Notice to Military personnel.
Effective immediately, you are eligible for a 10% discount on all regular price merchandise on presentation of a valid ID or veterans card. The exceptions are Live Bait and clearance items.

Note: If you are running late, please give us a call. We may be able to stay later. Saturday and Sunday hours are variable depending on business.

If you find strange fish and can't identify it, try Invading Species. It may be on that site

Live Bait.

Minnows are back in the tank. It's a mix of medium Chub, Muds, Dace, Fatheads, Suckers and a few Shiners.

We have fresh worms in the fridge.

If you are looking for any kind of fishing gear, please come see us for competitive pricing. We do not "Price Match" as we do not have the same buying power as the big guys. Don't buy it there and come to us complaining there were no instructions or expect us to show you how to use it.
If we can find it at one of our suppliers, we will order it at no extra charge as long as we can include it in a regular order.

For orders, a minimum 50% deposit is required.
There will be no exceptions anymore! No deposit = no order. It's that simple. For orders that are canceled, there is a 20% cancellation charge.

We are not a warranty depot for any manufacturer at this time. If you have problems with a product you have purchased from us, we can find out where to send it but will not be responsible for shipping or warranty repairs for most items.

We also do rod and reel repairs and can get down-rigger parts.

If you have old rods and reels you are going to get rid of, we would be happy to accept them for parts. As some others have found out, you may be supplying the parts to fix your fishing partners or one of your reels.

Some rods can not be fixed because they are too badly damaged. I can't tell for sure until I have looked at the rod. There is no charge for inspection. Sometimes when it's a specific guide or tip, it may take a week or two to get the item in.

Most reels can be repaired if parts are available but there is a very surprising number of them that there are no parts for and that includes some of the mid to high end reels. There are some reels that are trash as soon as the warranty is over. Rapala and Duckett reels are two of these. Ardent reels may or may not have parts available. It depends on how old the reel is. Just because a part appears in a schematic doesn't mean it's available.

Many of the "Parts Depots" are very poor at processing orders or getting them out. When they do, very often if it's a U.S. based shop, there is a very substantial charge to send the part into Canada. Whether it was due to a design flaw, lack of supply, or what, there seems to be no real valid reason.

We are located on the north side of Development Drive in the Bayridge Plaza.
Turn off Gardner's Road and go 1 kilometer west. You will see the Bayridge Plaza on the right and we are located in there.

If you are running a bit late, call ahead. We may be able to accommodate you as many have found out.

Our address is:
834 Development Drive at Trudell, in the Bayridge Plaza
Kingston, ON.
K7M 5V7
Phone 613-389-1119

If you are a wannabe web designer or wannabe SEO enhancer, don't bother calling and wasting our time. When the time is right we will find our own person and there is better than a 99.9% chance it isn't you.